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RED LINE: Turkey funneling arms & jihadis into Syria Related:  US backed by 10 G20 countries over Syria But the tough language aligned half of the G20 members with the US president, who worked the sidelines of the summit in St Petersburg to build international support for a limited US military response. The 10 countries were the UK,Australia, Canada, […]

Foreign Affairs / Religion of Peace Roundup (Mult. Links): Revealed: U.S. has been secretly training Syrian rebels in anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons for months More: UK: Muslim beheads young woman, assaults 5 others Muslim stabs wheelchair bound Brit to death Turkey’s Greatest Cathedral to Become Muslim Mosque Spanish Police Arrest 8 Suspected Of Recruiting For […]

Turkey Protests escalate: Massive Demonstrations Shake Turkey More than 1000 people have been injured in several days of protests in Istanbul and 11 other cities against Turkey’s Islamist regime.  The number of dead is not clear. There have been more than 90 demonstrations, making these the biggest anti-Islamist protests in a decade. Hundreds more were […]

Turkey is a mess:  Live Updates – Istanbul Gezi Park Protests

Liberals hardest hit: Hezbollah should change name to ‘Party of Satan,’ Turkish Deputy PM says  

Foreign Affairs and Religion of Peace Roundup (mult. links): Nigeria – Borno Governor says ‘Boko Haram on verge of seizing control of state’ UK: Seven more Muslims found guilty of child rape, trafficking and organising prostitution Turkish police detain prime suspect of bombings that killed over 50 on the Syrian border Report: Russia sends advanced […]

Lots of Bombs in the Middle East: 40 Dead in Turkey Car Bombings Near Syria More: Pakistanis Go to Polls, Election Marred by Bombs

Hillary 2016: #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake :  US Embassy Bombing in Turkey Was Eighth Embassy Attack During Secretary of State Clinton’s Reign

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake: Police: Suicide bombing at US Embassy, 2 dead

Obama’s foreign policy is ARM EVERYONE!!! : Obama sends 400 troops and Patriot Missiles to Islamist led Turkey to protect them from Syrian rebels… which Obama also armed.


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