In a 15-minute statement, Obama stressed that the US is “the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every couple of months.” He praised the gun control efforts in Australia, a nation that conducted a mass confiscation of firearms from its citizenry.

Yes, you read the correctly. The President just advocated for gun confiscation Australian style. This blog has warned for a long while, it’s not about control, it’s about confiscation.




#2A WIN:  Judge rules Chicago gun ban is unconstitutional “Chicago’s ordinance goes too far in outright banning legal buyers and legal dealers from engaging in lawful acquisitions and lawful sales of firearms,” he continued.



GUN GRABBER UPDATE:  New DOJ, HHS Rules Aimed at Mental State of Gun Owners The White House said the new actions are needed because “some states have noted that the terminology used by federal law to prohibit people from purchasing a firearm for certain mental health reasons is ambiguous” and “some states have also said […]



GUN GRABBING UPDATE:  Obama Admin’s Two Quiet Executive Actions On Who Can Buy A Gun After failing to strengthen background checks on gun buyers through Congress, the Obama administration on Friday announced pending executive action on the matter focused mainly on mental health issues that would allow the government to get around certain privacy laws […]

BACKFIRE: CO governor to gun-control groups: Don’t come around here no more

#2A GUN GRABBING ALERT: Kerry to sign UN Arms Treaty   Also: Terry McAuliffe Pledges Colorado-Like Gun Control if Elected  You do that, McAuliffe. It worked out so well for Giron and Morse.

Watch The Other Hand:  Obama Uses Executive Order To Control Guns Unable to get gun control legislation through Congress, the Obama administration announced two new executive actions Thursday – one to “close a loophole,” another to block importation of surplus military weapons. The announcements come the same day that Vice President Joe Biden – who […]

Obama continues with gun control BS: FACT: Obama just took steps to reduce gun violence by keeping surplus military weapons off our streets. http://t.co/WzD8dB3IlL #NowIsTheTime — The White House (@whitehouse) August 29, 2013   @whitehouse HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA […]

Paging Piers Morgan: CDC Study Ordered by Obama Contradicts White House Anti-gun Narrative Furthermore, the key finding the president was no doubt seeking — that more laws would result in less crime — was missing. The study said that “interventions,” such as background checks and restrictions on firearms and increased penalties for illegal gun use, showed “mixed” […]

Constitutional Rights Assault:  Obama to Sign UN Gun Treaty This Month – Will Lead to National Registry Reminder: I will aggressively push forward President Obama’s @UN agenda. Much to do on UN reform, human rights and dignity, and more. — Samantha Power (@AmbassadorPower) August 5, 2013  

Misfit Politics: Merica: The Gun Control Saga  

Gun Grabbing FAIL: Organizing for Action gathers a whopping three people for gun-control rally in California

InstaVision: Obama and the Democrats could not beat the NRA (video) Glenn Reynolds talks to Michael Barone about President Obama’s failure to push gun control legislation through the Senate. Has Obama lost his persuasive abilities, or is he asking too much from congress and the American people? Could the real problem be that President Obama […]

Please do. Closer to the 2014 elections, ok?: Dem. Senator: ‘Absolutely’ Going to Bring Gun Control Bill Back More at Breitbart:

Gun Confiscation Update: McRINO Teams Up With Biden To Push Gun Control… Related: DHS Training Video Depicts Gun Owners As “Militia Members” Planning Terror Attacks…

SAVE US CHUCK!  Obama’s Gun Figures (Audio)

After his Rose Garden temper tantrum, Obama doubles down:  Biden -‘The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions’ for Guns Related: Reid tables gun control bill after defeat on background checks bit.ly/13qr2oq — Floor Action (@flooraction) April 18, 2013 Plenty of outrage on guns suddenly in the second term, but none in the […]

Obama Reacts to Gun Control Loss (with subtitles) – VIDEO:

Return of the Bully Pulpit: President Obama states in presser that the NRA “willfully lied” about the gun control bill. (video) Gee, he looks mad.   Good. So… Mr. President, you keep saying 90% of Americans back the amendment? Cite your source or are you willfully lying?

Gun Grabbing Update: Toomey/Manchin Amendment FAILS. Vote count below. Vote Count: 54-46 Republicans voting YES: Kirk, Collins, Toomey and McCain Four Democrats voted NAY. Grouped By Vote Position YEAs —54 Baldwin (D-WI) Bennet (D-CO) Blumenthal (D-CT) Boxer (D-CA) Brown (D-OH) Cantwell (D-WA) Cardin (D-MD) Carper (D-DE) Casey (D-PA) Collins (R-ME) Coons (D-DE) Cowan (D-MA) Donnelly […]

Thomas Sowell: Gun control crusaders unconstrained by facts The dirty little secret is that gun control laws do not actually control guns. They disarm law-abiding citizens, making them more vulnerable to criminals, who remain armed in disregard of such laws.  

Dianne Feinstein admits background checks wouldn’t have prevented Newtown (video):   Related: Feinstein would ban all guns …if she could

It’s never been about control, it’s been about confiscation: Reid: ‘Anti-Gun Legislation Before the Senate’

Democrat Gun Grabbing Update: Reid Short Of Votes On Gun Control

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste:  Obama’s Abuse of Dead Children “The president’s case for gun control relies on emotional manipulation.” This statement is true of just about every issue Obama speaks about. More:   Speaking of Drama: Michelle Obama makes tearful gun control speech


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