Extent of victims not known yet in Bell case

In the wake of revelations Monday, July 3 that former county and school employee Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30 of Waldorf—who has HIV—may have sexually assaulted multiple young children over a three-or-four year period and possibly longer, Dr. Diane Abney, chief medical officer for Charles County, says the health department will give every consideration to the victims and their parents.

“I can say that those who are identified for testing, it will be done as privately and confidentially as possible,” Abner said Thursday, July 6. “We will arrange it so they have complete privacy and we will give them as much time as they need to ask questions.”

Abney stated at the Charles County Sheriff’s Office press conference July 3 that only two victims were tested at that time and both test results came back negative for HIV. She stressed, however, that early tests which may register negative does not mean the victims are out of danger.

It gets worse. This scumbag was making child porn films, filming himself having sex with children in the classrooms of Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Waldorf, Maryland. There are 10 victims so far.


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