BLUE LIVES MATTER: Dallas PD Ambushed During BLM March (Links)

BlueLivesMatterBLUE LIVES MATTER: Dallas PD Ambushed During BLM March (Links)

Looking through the news reports, I have yet to find where what happened in Dallas has been called this what it is shaping up to be —  an act of Domestic Terrorism. And a hate crime.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

– 12 Officers were shot; 5 had died.
– Some sources say 1 civilian wounded, others say 2.
– Law enforcement was targeted by probably 2 shooters. Shooters were at an elevated position; triangulation of fire reported by police.
– A bomb was believed to be involved, according to Dallas PD.
– Dallas PD originally posted a picture of a person of interest who turned out to be a march organizer who was simply open carrying. That person turned himself in.
– 4 suspects allegedly in custody, however Chief Brown said in a news conference this morning that they were not confirming how many they had in custody; investigation ongoing and they want to keep suspects guessing.
– 1 suspect was killed when negotiations broke down and officers only recourse was the use of a robot that detonated an explosive device, according to Dallas Police Chief Brown. Chief Brown said the suspect, before dying, said that, “he was upset about # Black Lives Matter … he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.
– Suspect (deceased) identified at 25 year old Micah Johnson. Johnson was a “black militant”, former army reservist and his Facebook profile shows he liked groups like the New Black Panther party and pages referring to the deceased founder of ISIS.  (More at Daily Beast)

Video of Chief Brown’s Comments at the 7/8/16 morning press conference:

Follow up Comments from the Mayor: