#BLACKLIVESMATTER…EXCEPT IN CHICAGO: Holiday violence death toll: 2 dead, 20 wounded. 

The police preparations for the July 4 weekend reflect how violent the holiday has often been in Chicago. Last year, at least nine people were killed and 46 others were wounded during the weekend. Most of that time was quiet, but during an eight-hour spasm of violence, 30 people were shot, three of them fatally, including a 7-year-old boy.

The July 4 weekend of 2014 left 16 killed and 66 injured.

This weekend’s two homicides — both early Saturday — were a shooting in the driveway of a West Side auto repair shop and a South Side incident in which a man stabbed his brother.

From Saturday afternoon into Sunday evening, at least 10 people were wounded, but no deaths were reported, police said.

Well, the 4th isn’t over yet and they also aren’t including a father and his two young daughters in Hazel Crest, apparently.

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While it doesn’t rank as the nation’s murder capital on a per-capita basis, Chicago is the runaway leader in the sheer volume of killings and shootings. New York and Los Angeles don’t even come close. Through June 19, Chicago had more homicides than those two larger cities combined, records show. The two combined had fewer than 1,000 shooting victims during that same period, while Chicago by Tuesday topped 1,900 — about 10 a day.

Black Lives Matter Except When they shoot each other derayYou won’t see Katie Couric and her film crew making a movie out of this.

Nor will you see Black Lives Matter protesting in these neighborhoods.

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UPDATE: Over 60 shot over 4th of July weekend in Chicago

CHICAGO — Four men were killed and at least 62 other people, including three children, were wounded in shootings across Chicago over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, reports CBS Chicago.

Nearly all the shootings were in the city’s south and west sides, neighborhoods long-troubled by gun violence. The same weekend last year proved deadlier, with 10 fatalities, though the total number of people shot, 63, was on par with this year.

The Chicago Tribune reports that 36 people were shot between Friday evening and early Monday evening, before the city’s fireworks began. Another two dozen victims were hit Monday night and early Tuesday.

Two of the three wounded children, cousins ages 8 and 5, were playing with fireworks at around 11 p.m. Monday night when someone on the street began shooting, according to relatives and the Chicago Police. In a separate incident Monday, an 11-year-old was sitting on his porch when he suffered an injury to his right arm that he at first believed to be from an errant firework. At a nearby hospital, doctors discovered it was actually a bullet wound. All three children are expected to survive.