CBS NEWS SC GOP DEBATE ROUNDUP — links, tweets, commentary and video of the 2015 South Carolina GOP debate held on 2/13/16.

debateWINNERS: Rubio, Cruz.. and a wee win for Jeb!
LOSERS: Trump, Kasich, Carson


Opening moment was all about the passing of Justice Scalia. Video here.

What a food fight. The CBS moderator did absolutely nothing to guide this debate, but instead, kept pitting candidates against each other hoping someone might actually throw a punch. Also, the audience was the rowdiest I can ever remember in all my years of watching debates.

Jeb had gotten the hang of getting under Trump’s skin. Was nice to see Jeb take Trump down a notch, especially after Trump went after Jeb’s family again and repeated that 9/11 was his brother’s fault.

Rubio adopted Trump’s ‘everyone lies all the time‘ tactic when attacking Cruz, which earned him boos. This was dumb and was starting to be noticed as a theme. He and Cruz should be uniting to take down Trump, not employing Trump’s Alinsky style tactics on each other. Rubio also kicked the snot out of Trump during one early segment and his one liner about George Bush defending this country though, which earned him big cheers.

Carson didn’t say anything he hasn’t said before. He made a good point about trying to stop the fighting on stage and attack Hillary, but the moderator wasn’t going to have any of that and immediately pivoted to setting two other candidates against each other.

Cruz nailed Trump to the wall for his overwhelmingly liberal track record.   Cruz’s best point of the night was while he was being attacked ala Trump style by Rubio. Rubio accused Cruz of not even speaking Spanish to which Cruz turned around and unloaded on Rubio… In Spanish. My Spanish is rusty, but I’m pretty sure Cruz said, ” Dude…That’s how you want it? Right now, say it in Spanish if you want/like.”

Trump’s response was the same as virtually every other answer — which is to not actually give an answer and call the person a liar. Trump picked a fight with the audience, again. The audience had no part of it and booed him on a regular basis. Trump also stood up for Planned Parenthood, literally parroted progressive talking points on Iraq and Trump made the mistake of calling Reagan “somewhat conservative”… in South Carolina.
What a colossal  $#@% up.

Kasich. What do you say about him other than, WHY IS HE STILL HERE?

VIDEOCBS Republican South Carolina Debate Feb.13th 2016
TRANSCRIPT: Annoted version at Washington Post