NH 2016 #GOPDEBATE ROUNDUP: Links, video, tweets and more.

Winners: Cruz, Christie, Rubio and moderator, Mary Katharine Hamm.
Losers: Everyone else — Including ABC and their seriously screwed up introductions.



-Trump was booed throughout the debate, including during his closing speech.
-Trump attacked the audience — a debate first.
-Rubio stayed too much on script, repeating one line nearly verbatim four times.
-Cruz told a story of addiction in his family that brought the entire place to silence.
-Christie attacked Rubio, which seems to rattle him.
-Bush actually landed a punch on Trump over eminent domain.
-Kasich had way too much talking time and, in actuality, said very little to help himself.
– Carly Fiorina SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE. Shame on ABC.
– Topics were mainly foreign policy related, some domestic questions, some gotcha questions but not a single question on education. Again, Shame on ABC.

Video:  FULL ABC GOP Debate P(I&II) New Hampshire Feb. 6, 2016
Transcript: Annotated version at Washington Post
Talk Time:
Via NPR on Twitter