The third GOP debate was last night in Denver, Colorado  and this is a highlights & roundup.

CNBC played host and their moderators managed to turn it into the biggest media bias clown show this nation has ever witnessed. I am not kidding.

Winner: Ted Cruz
Runner Up: Marco Rubio / Carly Fiorina
Still In It: Ben Carson /Donald Trump
Loser: CNBC
Candidates who should drop out ASAP: Everyone else. Again, not kidding.

Biggest moment of the night was Ted Cruz disembowelment of CNBC’s moderators:



I want this on a loop:


Second biggest moment was Marco Rubio calling out the media as well:

Christie got one in too when the CNBC Clowns asked him about Fantasy Football — NOT KIDDING“John, do you want me to answer or do you want to answer? Even in New Jersey, what you’re doing is rude.”

More Top tweet moments can be seen in my Storify Article: CNBC GOP Debate Was A Clown Show… For CNBC.


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A.P. Dillon

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