Last night was the 2nd GOP Debate on CNN. This is a linkfest!

First, some short commentary. 

I’m not bothering with the kiddie table debate. Let’s go to the main event.

CNN’s Introduction video really reminded me of why we mock CNN.
Too long. Too many people. Too little substantive debate.
No debate on education at all really, yet it’s a top 3 concern of voters.
Hugh Hewitt should have been driving or at least allowed to co-pilot, then maybe actual debate might have happened.

Winner: Fiorina kicked everyone’s ass. Period.
Loser: CNN’s Dana Bash. Horrible. Just Horrible. Also, Van Jones for commentary? REALLY?

Rubio, Cruz and Carson all held their own when allowed to speak by Jake Tapper.
Trump was Trump.
Walker was there and did well when given a chance to speak, which wasn’t that often.
Huckabee was selling something. Not sure what it was.
Paul channeled his dad a lot.
Christie did alright, but he really didn’t stand out.
Kasich was an angry dude. Needed a Snickers bar? He can’t defend his own lawn, much less this nation’s.
Bush … Just no. No. No. No. Also, Margaret Thatcher? Are you high?

Full debate video here via Donald Trump’s channel — why? Because the rest of the uploads I saw were blurry and chopped into multiple parts.

Tweet of the night:

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Links (in no particular order)

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