The moderators ask the dumbest questions possible with as much snark and leftist panache one can muster.  I don’t know what came over Megyn Kelly last night, but several times I had to double-check that I wasn’t watching a special edition of The View.  Still, this was one of the most lively debates I can remember in a long time.

If I had to summarize, this debate was to lift up Jeb Bush, push down Trump, give a boost to Kasich so he can hand Ohio to Bush, keep Cruz and Carson from getting any air time – my God, we can’t let real and consistent conservatives talk!  Carson’s closing statement was very good. Cruz nailed every question he was asked, which were far too few.  Kasich sounded like a Democrat more often than not.

Moderators were sure to ask Scott Walker questions that might make him twist in the wind just a wee bit, Rand Paul picked fights with everyone, Huckabee was Huckabee, Chris Christie sounded good but really didn’t answer his questions, and Rubio was very consistent.

Winner: Hard to say. Rubio was the most consistent and hit Hillary the most — at least when the moderators let him talk.
Honestly, I think Carly Fiorina might have won… and she was in the early debate held with the 7  who didn’t make it to the main event.

Loser: Fox news.

Who got the most talk time? HERE.

Full Video HERE.

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