Gruber Oversight Video Roundup

Gruber Oversight Video Roundup

Gruber: I Knew Obama Would Break His ObamaCare “Keep Your Plan” Pledge For “Some People”

Gruber Confirms ObamaCare’s Insurer Tax Will Be Passed On To Individuals

Gruber Refuses to Tell Congress Amount Gov’t Paid Him for Obamacare

Another Dem Berates Gruber — This Time Over Obamacare Employer Mandate

‘Get Over Your Damn Glibness:’ Lawmaker Relates Husband’s Death During Obamacare Hearing

Another:  Congresswoman Tells Gruber, ‘Get Over Your Damn Glibness’

Issa To Gruber: Are you stupid?

Gruber refuses to hand over documentation to the Committee

Gruber Refuses To Provide ObamaCare Documents: “Take It Up With My Counsel”

Trey Gowdy Assails Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber: “Yes,” ObamaCare Contains Tax Hikes

Jonathan Gruber Repeatedly Refuses To Disclose How Much He Earned From ObamaCare




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