SCOTUS RULING:  Supreme Court OKs North Carolina voting changes

The Supreme Court is allowing North Carolina to go forward with two disputed voting changes for next month’s election: eliminating same-day voter registration and out-of-precinct voting.

By a 7-2 vote announced in an order Wednesday evening, the justices blocked an appeals court ruling that would have prevented the state from making those changes.

7-2 is a BIG margin. Moral Monday gloaters must be crying pretty hard.

Excerpt from Voter Integrity Link above:

While same-day registration is a convenient measure for partisan activists who are rounding up otherwise uninterested last-minute voters, it also allowed persons to vote from addresses at which they never lived and never intended to live. According to VIP research, the process has resulted in thousands of people having their votes count even though the election boards could never confirm they even lived in North Carolina.
“Same-day registration is the single most fraud-friendly election law in the entire nation,” DeLancy said, “and we’re relieved that North Carolina may now join the vast majority of other states who that agree with that position.”
Provisional voting is a process that allows anybody to vote and then a three-person board later gets to evaluate the merits of each vote before deciding whether or not to count it. In the past, there were little if any guidelines on what rules the board could apply in screening such votes. As a result of the ruling, the state can move forward in establishing one rule: Voters must live in the precinct at which they are casting a provisional ballot.