The Left can justify and excuse any crime it seems

Evil disgusting cretins & their leftist enablers.

The Daley Gator

All they have to do is throw the word justice behind their cause, ideal, perversion, moral retardation, or Hell, even crimes. And no matter what they actually did, know two things. First, they are victims, and second, they can find idiot celebrities to rally to their cause Stacy McCain has this story about a man,woman, tranny cold-blooded butcher who wishes to hide behind a wall of “Transformative Justice” . After all, what is slaughtering a child when compare to “Fill-in-the-Blank Justice”?

Ebony Williams was a 13-year-old girl from Harlem. In August 1993,Ebony was brutally murdered by two men:

Investigators said the girl was believed killed in an apartment in Hunts Point on Aug. 22. She may have been raped, they said, and her throat was cut and her body was stomped and packed in a large cardboard box by two men.
The two, joined by a…

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