Facts? When did facts matter to the Left?

Too many who are allegedly on the Right fall far too quickly for leftist tricks and then react stupidly instead of taking a few moments to consider wtf they are stepping in. I’m looking at YOU, Wall Street Journal useful idiots!

The Daley Gator

Remember I said that Liberalism is an ideology for lies and liars? Well, here is further proof that I am, again, correct! At The Other McCain, we see the Left using Eric Cantors defeat in his primary as proof of Right Wing bigotry

the Left instantly created a narrative that this represented some kind of neo-Nazi tendency of Brat’s libertarian-leaning Tea Party supporters. There are a few obvious problems with this claim, of course:

  1. Libertarianism is the exact opposite of Nazi totalitarianism;
  2. It is the Left that supports terroristic Jew-haters in the Middle East and it was the Left that spent eight years claiming that the Bush administration was in the thrall of Jewish “neocons” who allegedly promoted the Iraq War for nefarious purposes;
  3. Some analysts say that Brat beat Cantor because of a surge ofDemocrats voting for Brat in Virginia’s “open” GOP primary.

But the Left doesn’t…

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