#SHUTUPPERY: WHITE SUPREMACIST BACKFIRE – SPLC Needs to Apologize for Anti-O’Keefe Smear

“We’re posting this deleted scene now because for some bizarre reason, the totally discredited Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Max Blumenthal raised the issue again recently, reasserting the same discredited claim.

This time their race based attack was staged from the progressive safe harbor of the Souther Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This is the same group who inspired a domestic  terrorist to shoot up the Family Research Council back in August of 2012.”

Read the whole thing, watch the clip. This is shutuppery. Sounds to me like they’re laying groundwork to discredit O’Keefe in advance perhaps?

By the way, buy O’Keefe’s book. It’s excellent.: Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy