WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?: The Countdown To Government Confiscation Of Your Retirement Savings Has Begun


Simply put, the new myRA program put forward by Obama is at best a sucker’s deal… or worse, it’s a first step toward the nationalization of private retirement savings… Even before the new myRA program was announced, there had been whispers about the need for the US government to assume some risk for US retirement accounts. That’s code for forced conversion of private retirement assets into government bonds.

This President is an economic illiterate Hell bent on spreading the wealth and squeezing the middle class until they crumble. Putting money ANYWHERE he even remotely endorses is a recipe for disaster. The man added almost 7 trillion to the deficit for crying out loud.

He’s already taken your ability to control your healthcare with Obamacare and your ability to be heard with the IRS targeting and the new “rules”… now he wants access to your savings and your future.

Remember what happen in Cyprus with the seizing of funds? Child’s play compared to the possibilities here.