#IRS SCANDAL: DOJ Attorney Investigating IRS Targeting is an Obama, DNC Donor

House Oversight and Government Committee Republicans are upset that the Justice Department handed the investigation of IRS targeting of conservatives off to an Obama donor.

Barbara Bosserman, an attorney now leading the DOJ/FBI investigation of the IRS’ activities, has donated at least $6,750 to President Obama’s election campaigns and the Democratic National Committee in the past several years.

Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Attorney General Eric Holder in a letter today that “several current and former IRS officials” indicated Bosserman, a trial attorney in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, was put at the helm of the investigation.

Bosserman’s donations include $2,500 to Obama for America and the Obama Victory Fund in 2012 alone.