#OBAMACARE HORROR LINKS: Laughing at Liberals has a few videos for Sen. Merkley for you.

I suspect this will happen in a lot of states. Watch, endangered Senators will stop making public appearances that aren’t ‘friendlies’ only.

This small business owner, who has 12 employees, has had to cancel insurance their plans, thanks to a massive increase in cost. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley brushes him off, tries to pass Obamacare off as being amazing, and basically belittles the guy and tells him to sign his employees up for Cover Oregon, which still doesn’t function. Notice the part where he says that some small businesses have reported only small increases in insurance costs, where others have reported large increases. Apparently none of them have cheaper insurance now!


Oregon Senator Merkley sheds responsibility on Obamacare Cover Oregon, blames IT contactor Oracle. Town hall, January 3rd, 2014.

Money quote: ‘explain how we went from leader to dead last.’


“If you like your plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley attempts to defend the most egregious lie from the Obama administration and his lackeys in the Senate and House, as a fed up constituent hits him with the tough questions at a town hall.


After only answering a few questions from a room full of concerned Oregonians, Senator Jeff Merkley blathers on and is called out from folks in the crowd. Immediately after the event, one of the fed up citizens chats about Merkley’s disastrous record with Jeff Mapes from the Oregonian, one of Oregon’s largest newspapers.