DEM & REPUBS TO NY TIMES:  Uh, yeah, Al Qaeda was involved.

More at Hot Air.


And:  Rep. Issa: There Was A Group There, That Was Involved, That Is Linked To Al Qaeda

I’ve written extensively about Benghazi for over a year now, this is my take:

The NY Times Story on Benghazi returns to the idea that a YouTube Video caused the attack and that Ansar Al Sharia is not Al Qaeda linked.

This leads me to believe at least one or all of these things are true:
1. Something big is about to drop in the news world and they want something out there distracting everyone.
2. There is something about that night about to come out that will torpedo Hillary worse than ‘What Difference Does It Make’.
3. The NY Times really believes their own bullshit.


A.P. Dillon

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