A Look Back: September 2013

These were the top stories at ConMom for September 2013


You didn’t draw that Red line… someone else drew it for you.

Drunk blogging Obama’s Syria speech was not only required, it was imperative.

Iran’s head fake.

Carlos Danger’s Campaign continues to implode…on video.  At long last, he conceded.

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanging in his cell.

Obama’s former pastor — Jeremiah Wright’s daughter charged with embezzlement.

Obamacare costs and sticker shock spread like wildfire.

EPA’s Beale charged with stealing 900k.

Putin To Kerry: You’re a liar.

Prison pays well for Jesse Jackson Jr.

Wisconsin teachers union decertified.

Obama picks Bain exec to head up Economics.

Larry Summers withdraws for Fed Reserve spot.

Emails show IRS’s Lerner targeted Conservatives specifically. The MSM refuses to report.

MSM botches Navy Yard Shooting. So does Obama.

Media Shield law moves forward.

Hillary shielded top brass from blame.

SPLC inspired shooter, Floyd Corkins, gets 25 years.

Nakoula gets out of jail.

The Ted Cruz Filibuster.

Two KY Legislators accused of sexual harassment.

SHUT DOWN!!! Has happened 17 times before…fear mongering and over the top ‘pain’ exercises to come.