A Look Back: October 2013

These were the top stories for October 2013 on ConMom:


More weapons in the hands of Benghazi terrorists.

Obamacare website ‘Glitches‘ begin. Two thirds affected.

Obamacare Hotline.

Obamacare astroturf.

Good reporters” cover Obamacare successes.

Meanwhile, the reality of the Obamacare death spiral.


The Democrat Shut Down

Shut Down Theater starts: Obama bars WWII vets from open air memorial. He did it on purpose.

Barrycades and jumping the Shutdown Shark.

Pisgah Inn pushes back on Shut Down.


Lois Lerner to collect six figure pension.

Car chase around DC near White House ends will young mother shot by police.

Man sets himself on fire on the national mall.

Journalists have become the prey. Just ask Audrey Hudson.

Democrat’s Nephew Racist rant costs taxpayers 560k.

Aide to Dem Rep. Garcia headed to prison for ballot fraud.

Detroit’s Kwame Kilpatrick gets 28 years.

Parents in NY push back HARD on Common Core.

Another mostly peaceful occupier goes to jail.

State Dept. Sex Scandals were swept under the rug.

Big Brother Barack spied on Germany.

Ted Cruz has a stalker — inspired by DNC materials.

Congressional slush funds.

NYC overrun with homeless.

Another WWII Vet murdered by teens.