A Look Back: November 2013

These were the big stories covered by ConMom for November 2013:


Stop and Frisk.

Only 6 people signed up for Obamacare the first day.

No Obamacare sign-ups, mostly sticker shock.

Shooting at LAX.

Lois Lerner gave confidential info to the FEC.

Zero tolerance is stupid.

The lie is exposed – you can’t keep your healthcare plan. The spin starts.

Christie re-elected NJ Governor. Stay there, Mr. Christie.

Jill Kelley: The government spied on  me.

Occupiers turn Banksters.

James O’Keefe exposes Obamacare Navigators; firings ensue. More videos dropped. More resigned.

Kay Hagan’s support of Obamacare continues.  She knew. She lied.

Chuck Todd: Obama believes his own lies.

Egyptian lawyers charge Obama with crimes against humanity.

Obamacare identity theft.

White House blocks photographers.

Articles of impeachment for Holder.

IRS continues to squeeze free speech.

Gun grabbing CO Legislator resigns after she’s recalled.

Iran gets a sweet Nuke deal from Obama.