A Look Back: December 2013

December isn’t quite over, but this blog is about to slow down for the Holidays. It’s been a fun journey and we never expected to grab so many followers in the first year. Thanks for reading!

Here is a final look back at December, 2013.


Paul Walker dies in car crash.

One of the most painful Presidential interviews ever.

Riots in the Ukraine.

Israel dumps the US.

POTUS hasn’t signed up for Obamacare.

There is no way to pay insurers in Healthcare.gov.

5th Obamacare navigator resigns.


Martin Bashir forced to resign.

Nelson Mandela dies.

Democrat Serial Harasser Filner faces sentencing.

More Occupy 2.0 Fast Food strikes.

Creepy Uncle Sam.

Germany’s Merkel compares NSA spying to the Stasi.

Mike Rowe 2016.

A self-identifying socialist shoots up Arapahoe High.

EPA’s Beale conducted a massive fraud.

John Podesta hired for PR, immediately insults opposition.

Islamist found guilty of beheading Lee Rigby in UK.

Politico: Obamacare most flawed rollout in history of mankind.

Here come the Obamacare hardship waivers.