A Look Back: July 2013

These are the top stories for July 2013.


Mitch McConnell gets a challenger.

Lindsey Graham is in trouble.

Riots and protests in Cairo to oust Morsi, followed by a military coup.

Crackerpiece theater.

Wendy Davis and Hail Satan! Also, giant inflatable uteruses.

BART strikes courtesy of the SEIU.

Lois Lerner wants immunity to testify on the IRS targeting.

IRS scandal connected to office of Chief Counsel.

IRS Chief Counsel met with Obama 2 days before targeting criteria change.

IRS ‘accidentally’ published thousands of social security numbers.

Colorado’s Rep. Salazar is pretty much a jackwagon.

Also in Colorado, a baker is facing jail for not baking a cake for a gay couple.

Mostly peaceful anarchists arrested with explosives and molotov cocktails.

A second soldier is attacked in the UK.

Darth Power.

The assault on journalism by the Obama administration continued.

Rape and incest by a Kindergarten teacher.

The DOJ facilitated that Anti-Zimmerman protests. Protests happened in a few cities, but nothing like the chaos supporters wanted to see. However, people start getting assaulted “for Trayvon” and arson happens.

Reminder: $10,000 bounty

Jeantel: gay rapist.

Texas youth arrested then charges dismissed… for wearing an NRA t-shirt to school.

Liz Cheney is running for Senate.

Snowden seeks Russian Asylum.

Carlos Danger for Mayor… New sex chats and staying IN the race despite Sydney Leathers.

Blurred Lines.

Weiner aide calls former intern a slutbag.

Former Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, Indicted.

DHS’s Janet Napolitano to resign. More here.

Nothing is getting in the way of Martha’s Vineyard.

Rolling Stone glorifies a Boston Bomber.

7 women have come out accusing Democrat Bob Filner. He’s decided on therapy.

The White House & Democrats war on women.

Lincoln Memorial vandalized.

Bloomberg’s soda ban rule unconstitutional.

Obama’s Grand Deal.

Ohio Poll worker headed to jail for multiple counts of voter fraud.

Bradley Manning Not Guilty… of aiding the enemy.