A Look Back: June 2013

These were the top stories and headlines for ConMom for June 2013.


Gun Grabbing backlash in Colorado.

Riots in Turkey.

Stephanie Cutter: I was in the IRS meetings.

IRS wasted millions of dollars. Reminder: Mock Spock.

Another tornado in OK. Three stormchasers die.

Jesse Ventura is an asshole.

Occupy Wallstreeter indicted for bomb making.

A second suspect arrested in beheading of Lee Rigby.

Donors of groups targeted by IRS were also attacked.

SARS related virus moving through arabic nations.

Scandalpalooza adds the NSA to the list. Big roundup of stories here.

White House threatens reporters over NSA. They’ve got trust issues.

ACLU sues Obama administration.

Snowden hides out in Moscow.

Government agencies using secret emails to avoid FOIA requests.

Alex Baldwin is a jerk. Anderson Cooper comments.

So is Biden.

Sebelius on fundraising for Enroll America: I don’t know.

Nepotism at the Dept. of Energy.

Nakoula Speaks.

CBS’ Attkisson’s computer was hacked.

O’Keefe confronts Richard Head…also takes on Obamaphones.

4 Indiana Dems found guilty of petition fraud.

Obama Bundler Corzine finally charged.

$15 minimum wage is a horrible idea.

Jury selected for Zimmerman trial.  Also: Creepy Ass Cracker.

Menendez and the married woman.

Wendy Davis (Abortion-Texas) filibuster fails.

Hobby Lobby Obamacare mandate case advances.

Egypt begins to implode.