WASTED TAX DOLLARS:  Gov’t wasted $30 billion on ‘pillownauts,’ crystal goblets — buying human urine!

⦁ $15,000 to collect thousands of gallons of human urine and test it as a hay field fertilizer.

⦁ $5 million for hand-blown crystal stemware, paid by the State Department, just days before the government shutdown.

⦁ $65 million in Superstorm Sandy emergency relief money that New York and New Jersey spent on television ads promoting tourism.

⦁ $566,000 paid by the U.S. Postal Service to “futurist” Faith Popcorn to envision a viable future for the post office.

⦁ $1.5 million spent by the FBI each year to educate Hollywood producers and writers on how to portray the agency in movies.

⦁ $124,955 to build a 3-D printer to make pizzas for NASA.