A Look Back: May 2013

These were the top stories at ConMom for May 2013.


Boston Bombing updates continued with more arrests…and another death.

Benghazi mastermind wandering around Libya…Free. Also, the misinformation campaign.

Pat Smith to Hillary Clinton: Happy Mothers Day. My son is dead.

Benghazi-gate – What difference does it make?!

Wacko Bird McCain pushes Shamnesty.

DOJ secretly obtained MSM, AP phone records.

DOJ took James Rosen’s too.

DOJ also took Cloakroom records.

DOJ’s Eric Holder lied about all of it.

Bernstein unloads on DOJ on AP spying.

Scandalpalooza.  Much more here.

Jack Lew enters Scandalpalooza on IRS targeting.

IRS was targeting conservatives and Tea Party groups. IRS tries ‘rogue agent’ story; fails immediately. Turns out, the IRS did an internal investigation and hid it for 6 months.

Flashback: Gibson Guitars

Trey Gowdy rips Lois Lerner. Lois takes the fifth.

IRS’ Shulman visited the White House. A LOT.

The Scandal Bracket.

True the Vote attacked by multiple branches of ‘weaponized‘ government.

More sequester fear mongering. Doesn’t affect vacation plans.



Occupy Fail: May Day 2013. More fail.


America’s late term abortion industry exposed.

Democrat NY State Senators caught in a sting.

SC Democratic Chair makes racist comment about Governor Haley, then proceeds to defend his war on women.

NC Democratic Chair makes controversial rape remark. More new tone in NC.

NY Democrat resigns in wake of sexual harassment charges.

Biden on man rape.

Weiner announces bid for NY Mayor Race.

Democrat AG in LA caught giving contracts to donors.

White House Endorsed anti-bullying  campaigner, Dan Savage,wishes cancer on Sarah Palin.

Fewer guns, more killing.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch gets her hat handed to her.

Romney donor audited.

Dick Durbin doesn’t think free speech applies to Bloggers, citizens.

Free speech stifled on Syracuse University’s campus.

The House of Horrors in Cleveland.

Drummer Lee Rigby is beheaded in the streets of Woolwich by an Islamist.

In Sweden, Islamists riot.

Seven foreign nationals caught trespassing at MA reservoir.

Major Tornado hits Moore, OK.

Gosnell trial and Megyn Kelly.

Obama picks donor Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary.