A Look Back: April 2013

These were the top stories at ConMom for April 2013.


Gun Grabbers met face to face with hypocrisy when confronted by ‘Act Against Arms‘. Also, in NY the mandatory insurance idea saw push back.

Bob Menedez continued to grasp at straws.

Fisker becomes the next Solyndra.

Kermit Gosnell.  Also, the media malpractice.

There was a warning about James Holmes.

Mayors for Illegal Activities.

The Boston Marathon Bombing.  Rolling Update thread. The FBI asks for public help finding the Boston Bombers. A person of interest is not deported and #FreeJahar begins.

The people of Cyprus were VERY angry.

Biden’s Sequester Hypocrisy and the failed shock and awe of Sequester.

MSNBC: All your kids are belong to us. Palin: You didn’t birth that.

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, left us; the Left showed its true colors. That includes Senator Kay Hagan.

Anarchists held in solitary in Washington state.

Trailer for the Benghazi movie.

Forces could have intervened in Benghazi.

Obama’s 2014 budget is from “La La Land” and is on the wrong trajectory.

California’s High Speed Rail disaster.

Congress guts STOCK act.

Ricin laced letter sent to Senator  Wicker.   LadyLiberty1885 blog tracks down initial suspect before FBI announcement. Turns out, they got the wrong impersonator – it was a frame job.

Fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas explodes.

Food Stamp Nation.

Obama ignores sequester, gives Syrian rebels $123 million.

Occupy 2.o in the move in Chicago.

Sebelius starts the Obamacare spin on shortened workweeks.

#NerdProm has become the Golden Globes.

You can’t fake decency.