A Look Back: March 2013

These are the top stories on ConMom for March 2013.

It was a very, very busy news month.

March 2013

Obama’s Sequester and his empty chair response.

Janet Napolitano played dumb on illegals released from jail.

Woodward pushes back at Team Obama.

NC’s Dem Chair Voller and his war on women.

Ashley Judd makes an ass out of herself.

John Cusak wonder if Obama is another “Ivy League A**hole”.

Jim Carrey is an A**hole.

More rewarding your friends with ambassadorships. Also, donors.

Greeks protest over austerity. Cyprus raids citizen bank accounts.

North Korea played war games.

More sequester fear mongering. The absurd canceling of White House tours.

Magpul threatens to leave Colorado over gun grabbing laws (and eventually does).

Feinstein keeps trying to gun grab.  NY state goes all out gun grabbing.

In CO, gun grabber Evie Hudak can’t shake Revealing Politics, or a recall.

Mayors gone wild.

Hugo Chavez died.

Rand Paul’s epic filibuster.

John McCain ends up apologizing for Wacko Bird comment.

Suspensions for Pastry guns run amok.

6 month Anniversary of Benghazi.

Bob Menedez has Grand Jury investigation opened on his hooker scandal.

Hacker Guccifer strikes again.

Obama admits killing 16 YO American Citizen was a mistake. #Dronegate

Gabby Gifford and her husband are hypocrites.

The most transparent admin in history gets a failing FOIA grade.

Aurora Shooter James Holmes goes full Islam.

Creepy hands Messina.

Disability heading for collapse.

We paid for more Obama children vacations.

Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren is still a socialist.