A Look Back: February 2013

Below are the top stories at ConMom for February 2013. Chris Dorner, Sequester and more gun grabbing dominated much of February.

February 2013

WoodwardGate kicked off…but he wouldn’t back down.

Sequester Fearmongering began. Ray LaHood piled on.

Obama likes his guns… or something. More Obama Skeet Shooting.

Obamacare Premiums start jumping. Donna Brazile freaks out. One Congressman not so sure we can keep our insurance.  Some start to blast implementation efforts.  Cheapest plan?

Dr. Ben Carson and his prayer speech that ticked off Obama.

Egypt continues to struggle. We send more presents.

Organizing for Access. Palace guard defend the King. More access for sale.

Hagel is confirmed.

Continued hooker trouble for Bob Menendez.  He even hired a PR guy.

The first rule of Dronegate is you don’t talk about DroneGate.

Judge seals all Newtown files.

The Left and it’s violent rhetoric in North Carolina. Also, voter fraud.


Pope says he will resign.

Soledad O’Brien out at CNN. Axelrod joins MSNBC. Capus out at NBC.

Ashley Judd makes a rather large ass of herself.

Susan Rice gets her Benghazi come uppance. Where was Obama? President Empty Chair.

Colorado gun grabbing Senator sticks her foot in her mouth.

Gun violence continued in Chicago. It’s a war zone.

Media continues to spin gun stories for Obama.

Higher Education Indoctrination to the extreme.

Earth Shattering KABOOMS.

State of the Union was the same as his last few. Rubio got thirsty.

Christopher Dorner gets all the attention. More. Also, police don’t know who they shot at and the media covers for Dorner.

Common Core hits the radar of parents, especially in California.  Is putting your child in public school parental malpractice?