A Look Back: January 2013

Below were the top stories at ConMom for January 2013. Of all the posts for January, Gun grabbing and Gun confiscation topped the charts.

January 2013

Chuck Hagel had his nomination hearings.

Democrat Bob Menendez’s love of underaged Dominican Hookers was exposed.

Chicago saw a lot of death (40 homicides) and remained in denial.

The Obama administration, led by Dianne Feinstein, launched its war on the Second Amendment.  Draconian gun laws hit NY and New Yorkers aren’t taking it well, especially being mapped.  James O’Keefe took care of the media.

Gun grabbing brought on Gun Appreciation day.

Toy gun derangement syndrome continued in schools.

Piers Morgan added to  his jackass resume on guns. David Gregory got pass.

President Obama shut down his Jobs Council meanwhile jobless claims soared.

MSNBC caught selectively editing again.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood jumps ship.

Egypt starts to meltdown. Obama sends him gifts.

Clinton 2016: What difference does it make?

Problems with same day voter registration in Wisconsin.

Obama nominates Mary Jo White to SEC.

Beyonce and her lip synching at the 2013 Inauguration. There were tingles and lots of union money.

Lousiana’s Ray Nagin indicted on 21 counts.

The rise of OFA and Occupy 2.0.

Fast and Furious did not disappear.

Wisconsin Occupier wanted to firebomb WI capital and Gov. Walker.

EPA’s Lisa Jackson has her aliased emails dumped for all to see.

The Debt Ceiling debate raged on. We went Fiscal Cliff Diving.

People struggled after Hurricane Sandy with no real aid from Obama.

Rand Paul forsaw the future of the Filibuster.