#OBAMACARE HORROR LINKS: Obama admin forced to do “work around” on healthcare.gov site; no mechanism to pay insurers

The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to implement a “workaround” that instructs insurers to “estimate” the cost of health care plans and the government will determine the actual costs later, Reuters reports. This “workaround” is needed because the Obamacare payment system isn’t working properly.

More further down:

Kelly was shocked that the administration would “let the insurance companies estimate what they should get.”

“Then the feds are going to cut them a big check and figure out later what the real amounts are supposed to be! That’s your money!” she added. “Think about that for a moment. Think about that. We’re talking about one-sixth of the U.S. economy and this is the system that they have now settled on.”

Good God.

MORE GOOD NEWS: Cost of healthcare.gov site is WAY more than anyone predicted.

The to-date cost of the glitchy Obamacare website has topped $1 billion, easily surpassing the $394 million originally estimated by the Government Accountability Office, according to aBloomberg Government analysis.

Perhaps more shocking than the site’s likely price tag is the fact that roughly one-third of that amount was spent on contracts awarded during the six months leading up to the site’s disastrous Oct. 1 launch — when those at the top were reportedly aware of the site’s many problems.

It’s important to note that the Bloomberg analysis covers up until Sept. 30, just before the 16-day partial government shutdown. So the final amount awarded to contractors since the launch of healthcare.gov may be more than $1 billion.

Original Bloomberg Article here.


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