FROM THE WHO IS TEACHING YOUR KID? FILE:  “Don’t Tell Your Parents” 6th Grade Assignment at Milan Elementary, MS

Then, consider the assignment below. According to a local clergy, this is the assignment that one of these young sixth grade children was given in class. They were told not to tell their parents about the assignment. I find that part disconcerting right there.

The next is the topic: Are you a Republican or a Democrat? I wonder what ever happened to teaching children that they were Americans? Why is there an effort to monitor political opinions so early in a child’s life?

Do the parents in Tupelo, MS need to have a conversation with the school board about monitoring for indoctrination versus education? Why were the children told NOT to tell their parents about the assignment? Is this a pre-test of attitudes with another test to be given later? Is this part of the data driven education, to monitor the attitudes and beliefs of students?

While it may seem far fetched, parent political views are part of the P-20 data collected  in data driven schools. Why not the child’s political views?