SWEET NUKE DEAL… FOR IRAN: $4.2 billion in aid said to go to Iran

Video via GatewayPundit:  SHOCKING… Nuclear Deal Includes $4.2 Billion in Aid Relief to Iran –VIDEO

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Nuke Deal Reached – Iran gets to keep its enrichment program

US-Iran nuke deal preserves Iran’s nuclear program

Iran agrees to ‘dial back’ nuclear program



John Kerry Trying To Convince Senators To “Stop Listening To Israelis” On Iran

Flashback 1994: Clinton OK’s Deal To Stop North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program


RELATED – Another Promise Broken: Pact Will Keep Troops In Afghanistan through 2024.

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Wednesday that the United States and Afghanistan had finalized the wording of a bilateral security agreement that would allow for a lasting American troop presence through 2024 and set the stage for billions of dollars of international assistance to keep flowing to the government in Kabul.


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