Today’s #Obamacare Horror Links: Dem. Sen.: Obamacare ‘Really Confusing’


CMS Chief: Blames Traffic for Crashes

Tavenner: ObamaCare Website Security Not Tested In Live Environment Until Oct. 1

Harkin Compares Mandated Maternity Care to Property Taxes for Parents with No Kids

ObamaCare Architect Sen. Baucus: Responses From Admin On ObamaCare Website “Totally Unsatisfactory”


Carney: Obama’s Promise Refering to ‘General Principle’ of Law

Carney Blames Obama’s Misleading Health Care Statements On “Challenging” Communications

W.H. Refuses To Say If Obama Regrets His Broken Keep Your Plan Promise

W.H. Dismisses Reporting On ObamaCare’s Harmful Consequences As “Sensational” Reporting


WNCN-NC: Blue Cross North Carolina Has Only Enrolled One Person On ObamaCare Exchange

KHOU-TX: ObamaCare Website Glitch Exposed South Carolina Man’s Personal Information

WJZ-MD: 73,000 Marylanders Are Losing Their Insurance Plans Due To ObamaCare

KWTV-OK: Oklahoma City Chamber Forced To Drop Health Care Plan Due To ObamaCare



MSNBC Assails W.H. For Mocking Reporters Instead Of Answering Questions On ObamaCare

ABC: After Two Weeks, Man Still Unable To Enroll In ObamaCare Via Phone

NBC: ObamaCare Website Glitches Affecting Paper And Phone Applications


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