THE #OBAMACARE HORROR LINKS:  Internal Memo Reveals only SIX people signed up on first day


Atkinson – Only 6 people enrolled

ABC – Memo reveals only 6 people managed to enroll

Leaked War Room Note – only 6 people signed up


What difference does it make — healthcare version: Sebelius on Hot Mic: “Don’t Do This to Me”

Comrade Schakowsky: Jan Schakowsky at hearing: “Get Over It!”

Not to be missed questioning: Ellmers Questions Sebelius on Obamacare Failures

Flashback: Sebelius in 2009: No One Will Have to Give Up Their Insurance Plan

President Bystander: UNREAL. Obama Tells Americans They Can Keep Their Plans – After 2 Million Already Lost Theirs



NBC: Obama Admin. Ignored Privacy Concerns With ObamaCare Prior To Launch

CBS: Early Tests Of ObamaCare Website Were All Unsuccessful





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