#OBAMACARE FAIL:  NBC: Obama W.H. Now Pushing For A Delay In ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate


Here is the ‘terrorist’ in charge of pushing it back. Spin that, Dems: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV): Delay ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate For A Year To Fix Glitches

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Your Obamacare Horror Links of the Day:

W.H. Knows ObamaCare Enrollee Data, But Will Only Say “In The Thousands”

Sebelius interview P. 1

Bob Herbert Compares HealthCare.gov ‘Disaster’ to Hurricane Katrina

Will: For the Administration, the Worst of Obamacare is Yet to Come

Ezra Klein and Joan Walsh Debate How Messed Up Obamacare Is


Also, gotta hand it to Kibbe for going on Matthew’s show.. wow. Pay attention, the new narrative is GOP Civil war — this will be used going into all 2014 elections to make candidates challenging Democrats look like nuts. Watch:  Matt Kibbe on Hardball With Chris Matthews 10 21 2013