#OBAMACARE LINKS: Obamacare will cost $1.9 trillion, leave 30 million uninsured

Flashback 2009: The Myth of the 46 Million  and 14.8 were young adults

Then in 2010 they told us it was up to 50.7 million. In 2011, it was 48.6 and 2012 48 million.

Even being generous, it was supposed to cover everyone, wasn’t it?  Also, the WH is is claiming “19 million individual visits” yet we’ve been told in upwards of 50 million need it. Ok. whatever. Related: Barack Obama: Half a Million Consumers Have Signed Up for Obama


Kay Hagan’s form letter response to constituents that urged Obamacare defunding  plus, Sticker Shock

Jon Stewart blasts Healthcare.gov

The contractor who made the site has a history of failure

4.5 hour later, still can’t sign up… on the phone.

That woman who almost fainted? Doesn’t know if she’s sign up or not.


If you missed yesterday’s White House Press Briefing, you missed Carney take off after being hounded by questions on Obamacare. He seriously almost ran out of the room.  All Carney did all briefing was point to DHS.