JIHAD IN AMERICA ROUNDUP: DHS Muslim Adviser Accuses Reporter Of Having A “Jewish Demeanor” After Seeing Him On Fox News…


New York: Muslim cigarette smuggling ringleader charged in plot to kill witnesses

Long Island: Another Muslim arrested for supporting al Qaeda

Massachusetts: Governor works with terror-linked Muslims to issue first-ever Eid video

California: Pipe bombs found in home of religious publishing company Sidi Muhammad Press

California: Muslim on trial in killing Hindu girlfriend’s relatives after breakup

Washington DC: Sharia-compliant city center will include Arabic cultural center, Holder’s law firm



Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood protesters deface church with “Egypt is Islamic” graffiti; 3 dead, 18 injured as Muslims open fire at another church

Sweden: Pay no attention to that Black Flag of al-Qaeda flying on a Muslim building in Gothenburg

UK: Two Muslims charged with terror offenses

Pakistan: Obama Releases $1.6 BILLION in Aid…to Pakistan

Iraq: Sunni jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murders 38 at cafe in Shi’ite area

Israel: “Palestinians” fly Nazi flag over major Israeli thoroughfare

Afghanistan: Taliban force businessmen to support jihad

Syria: Freed Belgian tells how he was “sold” by the Free Syrian Army to a jihadist group

Syria: Obama-backed jihad snipers ‘target unborn children in chilling competition to win cigarettes’

Somalia: Jihad Homicide Bomber bomb cafe in Somalia, at least 16 dead