JOURNALISM: Watertown Daily Times Repeats Ugly Remarks Claim made by @JohnKingNYSED

The New York State Education Department has failed the basic course for good governance: listening.

After an embarrassing shouting match emerged during a Parent Teacher Association-sponsored town hall meeting about the Common Core standards in Poughkeepsie, Commissioner John B. King Jr. was befuddled by the session. After hearing a packed audience boo, jeer and hurl personal criticism at his family, he decided to suspend four other scheduled meetings.

The Education Department claimed the forum was “co-opted by special interests.” Mr. King is quoted by the Albany Times Union as justifying the suspension because the “disruptions caused by the special interests have deprived parents of the opportunity to listen, ask questions and offer comments. … Essentially, dialogue has been denied.”

The demonization of parents has begun and multiple news outlets are engaging in it.


Dear Watertown Times,

BE SPECIFIC. What insults? Who said them? Where is your proof other than the word of an Educrat who got an earful he didn’t like?

What about King’s “Special Interests” bit? No follow up on that claim either?
These were pissed off parents, who have had a massive government driven & funded overreach slapped on the backs of their children. Get with the program and report THAT story.



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