Read the video description.  Here is a snippet:

There’s a bit more to this red, white, and blue demonstration that dates back to last month.

When the high school didn’t mark the anniversary of 9/11 as it had in years past, Reps said he took it personally.

“I’m planning to go into the Air Force,” Reps said. He wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper and got a petition signed by 400 students. The school then decided to always mark the day with a moment of silence.

“Whenever there’s a concern by students or parents, we hear them out,” Anderson said.

Then, this week some students wanted Monday to be called Merica Day, without the “A.” Teachers don’t think they knew the word carries negative connotations.

“That’s why we wanted a National Pride Day instead of a reference to a ‘South Park’ cartoon,” Anderson said.


Why wasn’t 9/11 marked? Did Reps get  his answer?

Also, while this likely created some mess, nothing was permanently damaged — in fact to the contrary, these kids taught the teachers they know exactly what America and ‘Murica mean. Good for them.