THE GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOL EXPERIMENT: Principal tells Police Officer he can’t drop his kid off because he’s wearing a weapon.

The principal at Entz Elementary School has reportedly asked the father not to wear his police uniform on campus ever again because parents are concerned that he carries a firearm.

Now, “a lot of people” are “shocked and upset” over the decision, KSAZ-TV reports.


“Meanwhile, while school officials’ initial reaction was to ask the officer not to wear his gun and uniform to school, they are now saying they want to turn this incident into ‘a teachable moment,’” KSAZ-TV reports. “They invited the officer to a special assembly to talk about what police officers do for the community.”

1. The parents who were ‘concerned’ need their heads examined. Start a search by checking up their rears.

2. Once attention was called to this, the school tucked tail and went into full CYA mode.  Notice the district is now speaking, not the principal. GOOD. Parents need to be punching back twice as hard and display we have a zero tolerance policy for THEIR behavior.

By the way, the principal is Dr.Gregory Reid.