DC Shooting/Car Chase Updates:


The initial reports came in “shots fired at the Capitol”. Everyone got it wrong today, assuming the suspect was a shooter.


Turns out, she was unarmed and had a 1 year old in the car with her. The gunfire came from the police.


ABC reported that the woman tried to ram a gate at the White House and a female suspect was dead on the scene. That turned out to be false, she had tried to pass a checkpoint and at some point hit a barrier.


Reports that an officer had been shot also turned out to be false


An eyewitness took video of part of the car chase:


The woman who led police on the chase was a 34 year old Dental hygienist from Connecticut named Miriam Carey.


ABC news made sure to try to link these horrible events to the Shut Down — with the most misleading headline of the day.

There are more tweets and images at Twitchy:

Report: Incident at US Capitol, possible shots fired [pics]; Update: Lockdown lifted; Female suspect dead?; Update: Child reportedly pulled from suspect’s car; Update: Video of police chase; Update: Suspect identified?

Capitol Hill shooting instantly brings out douche reactions from Dave Weigel, Matt Yglesias and Markos Moulitsas

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