Instapundit:  THE DEMOCRATS WANT A SHUTDOWN: Two hours before deadline, Senate rejects latest House funding bill. (more at the link)

Roll Call: The World’s Greatest Deliberative BodyDemocrats Mull Divulging Emails With Boehner Staff as Shutdown Fight Gets Personal

Hot Air: Shutdown and  Christie: This shutdown is a failure of executive leadership

The Hill: House Dems hitting House GOP with robocalls on shutdown

Weekly Standard: Biden Still Gets 12 Staffers; Obama 129

Lucianne:  DCCC buys

Althouse: 49% of all people in the poll say that Obama is acting like a responsible adult in this budget battle, with 47% describing him as a spoiled child.

Daily Caller: ‘Keeping the people’s government open is not a concession to me’  – Said the man who came up with Sequester and closed the White House to tours.

CNS:  Obama: ‘Tourists Will Find Every One of America’s National Parks and Monuments…Immediately Closed’

Ace of Spades: Barbara Boxer: Government Shutdown Is Just One More Front In the War on Women

TWITCHY:  Government shutdown horror: Senate Democrats furlough their Photoshop artist,  Shutdown theater: Dems, Piers Morgan melt down over Statue of Liberty

Doug Ross: Larwyn’s Linx: The culmination of Democratic dysfunction – #BlameHarryReid #ObamaReidShutdown

Zero Hedge: What Will A Shutdown Look Like?

Gateway Pundit: Breaking: Senate Democrats Reject House Amendments AGAINSenate Democrats Refuse to Negotiate With House, Close The Government

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