RACE HUSTLER: Jesse Jackson on white boy bus beating: ‘It’s hard to make a comparison’

“It’s hard to make a comparison,” he told Breitbart. “In one case a man was unarmed, killed by another man. Last year a hundred and thirty five blacks were killed, black men, unarmed, killed by vigilantes, police, killed by security guards, so whether it’s the case of Oakland, Calif., or the case in New York, it’s just too much of it. Wherever it occurs, it must always be discouraged; there must be a deterrent from it occurring. We must urge people to live in civilized ways.”

Mr. Jackson, you’re not just pathetic here — you’re reprehensible and disgusting.

135 blacks killed by whites? How about the 507 dead in Chicago, sir?

Back story with VIDEO of the beating here.