Rachel Jeantel on CNN: ‘Creepy Ass Cracka’ explained!

The once star witness later also addressed the “creepy ass cracker” phrase that Martin allegedly used to describe Zimmerman the night he was shot. Jeantel explained that the word is actually spelled “cracka,” which is different apparently.

“Let’s talk about creepy ass cracker,” Morgan said. “People have said that that is a phrase used by black people, cracker, to describe a white person, is that true?”

“No,” Jeantel replied.

“How do you spell it first of all,” an apparently curious Morgan asked. It was determined the word is spelled “cracka.”

Jeantel said the word “cracka” is used to describe someone who “acts like they are police” or a “security guard.” Source – The Blaze

Anyone believe that is what she meant at trial?  Read the whole thing, apparently the word N*gga can mean any male — but don’t you dare use it, you racists.

Video here:

Just for kicks, I also checked Urban Dictionary for ‘cracka‘– something I dislike but has its uses. Only a few stated this term was used to describe police.  The bulk describe it as a slur used to describe White people and sometimes, Hispanics.

An example, copied directly from the page:

Stating a police officer is by mostly used by the inner city youths
The crackas is out tonight
Take a look back at the testimony, of which she can’t even remember the question being asked of her:
Whoops wait.. that’s the wrong footage.
Here we go:
Oh, that’s not it either. Hang on…
“creepy, white, kill my neighbors cracker”
“creepy ass cracker”
Paging Steven Crowder, we need a follow up video: