#MoralMondays are now Money Mondays

While the Rev. William Barber, head of the NCNAACP, likes to call opponents extremists and rant about the immorality of legislative actions, he never mentions one important detail concerning his personal interest. An organization associated with his church, Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation, of which he is the founder and still chairman, has bellied up to the taxpayer buffet to the tune of over $1.15 million in recent years.

Gee, go figure!

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“We owed $7.1 billion in state debt,” said state Sen. Thom Goolsby. “And on top of all that, we owed the feds $3 billion in unemployment insurance. So, we have been trying to get our fiscal house in order.”

Republicans, who control North Carolina’s governorship and both chambers of the legislature for the first time in more than a century, say they have a mandate to restore financial stability to a state that nearly went bankrupt under Democrat leadership.

Yes, they did. Worth noting is that it was no small effort to flip the NCGA to Republican control. The voters had to flip over 28 seats.  This wasn’t just historic, it was an unprecedented public statement on what the voters thought of the Democrat leadership, or rather, lack thereof. By naming the movement ‘Moral Mondays’, they have condemned the voting public as somehow immoral for wanting to keep the state solvent.   Carolina Journal has more along these lines.

By the way, these protests are now costing NC taxpayers over $50,000.  Very Moral.


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