Free Speech on Campus: Islamists bullying and trying to silence College Republicans (video)

Laughing at Liberals does it again. Three videos below.

Video #1 – Shorter Clip

Portland State University College Republicans show the film “Obsession”, which focuses radical Islam’s fascination with western civilization. A large contingent of socialists and muslims show up to intimidate and shout down the College Republicans, effectively bullying them out of their own event.

The peaceful, all accepting socialists and muslims then object to the videographer sticking around to document their unofficial post event discussion, and arrange to have him kicked out.

Video #2 – Extended Clip

This is very typical, especially on college campuses. Go hit Atlas Shrugs or Jihad Watch, tons of examples.  The chick with the balaclava on needs to visit the Middle East. Solo.  Anyway, shut up you hateful, bigoted racists!

Video #3 – Here comes security to throw out the videographer because… FREE SPEECH!

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