#BENGHAZI: Flashback — Ed Markey called Benghazi talking-point concerns “bogus”


The Romney campaign was hammering the cover-up, including the movie, the talking points and whether the military could have helped rescue the Americans.  The cover-up was so central that on the day of the third debate – October 22, 2012 – left-wing and pro-Obama mainstream media launched a full-throttled defense of Obama and push-back against Romney:

Chris Matthews even led off his pre-debate coverage by confronting a young onlooker, insisting that the consulate attack was over the movie:

Onlooker: ”[Romney] doesn’t cover up scandals in the Middle East…. [Obama] said there was a video it was not about the video.”

Matthews: “Yeah it was about the video, read the newspaper … Everybody knows it’s all about the video. It’s all about the video.”

This is your press, America. Defending the President at all costs.