#NerdProm Roundup: Palin, Drudge and Twitter Slap Down The Clowns

The rabid replies from vile lefties to this tweet made me chuckle. Rent free in their heads.

More at Twitchy: 

Tweet like a girl: Sarah Palin blasts ‘DC assclowns’ at ‘pathetic’ Correspondents’ Dinner

Conan O’Brien swipes Drudge at Nerd Prom; Matt Drudge snarks, tweets WHCD memory [pic]

Heh: Eric Bolling tweets pic with Eric Holder at Nerd Prom, asks for captioning; Twitter complies

Gov. Chris Christie hangs with Arianna Huffington, Jon Bon Jovi at nerd prom

Look out, Cheech and Chong: Obama takes hit at choom humor

Finally – President Celebrity:

Is that dirt being brushed off or are Jay-Z and Beyonce teaching him the latest dance moves they are doing down in Cuba? Read more:  Preezy of United Steezy brushes dirt off his shoulder before stand-up routine

Also: The ‘Black Dyke’ Got it Right After All

And: Obama Calls Bachmann A Book-Burner

More: Double Team: O Goes on Offense, O’Brien Plays Defense at Correspondents’ Dinner

All play and no work: Golf by Day, Party by Night: Obama Celebrates 120th Round of Golf

PJ Tatler: Obama: ‘I’m Not the Strapping Young Muslim Socialist That I Used to Be’

Malkin: Tom Brokaw on skipping White House Correspondents Dinner: Event has become cheap and undignified ever since Lindsay Lohan stole all our attention last year

GatewayPundit:  Obama Calls Himself Muslim During WH Correspondents Dinner – But Won’t Use Same Word to Describe Boston Terrorists (Video)

GatewayPundit: White House Correspondents Dinner 2013: Another Night Out for the Celebrity-in-Chief

Weasel Zippers: Sequester? Terrorists? What Difference Does It Make Anyway? Obama Yucks It Up At White House Correspondents Dinner

Pictures at The Blaze: Scenes From ‘Nerd Prom’: America’s Celebrities and Politicians Mingle at Glam Correspondents’ Dinner

FINALLY…. No roundup is complete without MOTUS:

A Night Filled With Boobs…and it’s Waning!

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